Thursday, December 9, 2010

Creating the perfect nursery

With Mathilda's nursery now decluttered and painted, we are ready to decorate! We had a break in harvest on Tuesday, so hubby jumped into the ute and headed to Perth to purchase all our new furniture. 

First on the list was Oscar's bed, we chose the Willow King Single bed from Freedom. Yup, the time has come for my little boy to move from his cot and into a big bed. Am I ready? Well I guess that's an entirely new post! 

For Mathilda, we chose the Hemnes Chest of 8 drawers, Hensvik Changing Table and Poang Rocking Chair from Ikea to match the antique white cupboard we already have for her room. 


Once the furniture is assembled, I'll be able to start decorating with pretty wall decals, trinkets for the chest of drawers and photo frames of precious memories. I can't wait.


  1. Beautiful! I got that exact same rocker from ikea for Riley, I love it. X

  2. Does that rocker only come in pale wood? It looks so comfy!

    I got a slight shiver reading Ossie is graduating to a bed! I will watch with interest before tackling that next step with Amelie.


  3. The rocker is very comfy! I have one in Oscar's room as well and we have spent many many hours in it! It only comes in pale wood Kate, but the cushions come in a variety of colours.

    Well, considering Oscar has spent more time sleeping in my bed then his own cot, it will be interesting to see whether this new bed gets any use! Ha ha.

  4. Chrissy be sure to check out for wall decals - I just ordered the Eiffel Tower for my guest bedroom this afternoon. I have seen their products in person and am more than happy to recommend to a friend xoxox

  5. I have one of those IKEA rockers too... so worth the purchase Kate and great for breastfeeding the next one!

    Chrissy - love the furniture. Especially those Hemnes drawers. Perfect for a little girls room. Looking forward to seeing the end result on both rooms :)

  6. Can't wait to see it all come together. We have the Hemnes drawers and Poang chair in my daughter's nursery too. Have fun putting all the furniture together :)

  7. Thanks for the recommendation Cat! I love mymunchkinhome, I wonder if I can convince Simon to let me buy the princess castle.... :)

    Ha ha Jess, just a subtle hint for Kate? Ossie has the Hemnes drawers in his room too and they are so lovely. I have a bedroom makeover on my wishlist because I want some for myself!

    Amanda, Ikea is fabulous for nursery furniture isn't it!

  8. Lovely furniture! I remember how gorgeous Oscar's nursery was so can't wait to see Tilly's!


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