Sunday, July 31, 2011

Collaborate for a Cause

Apologies for being so quiet here at A Country Wife. It has been calamity jane in our household the past few months. Despite my love of winter, and the delightful weather that it brings, the sudden change from balmy days to freezing nights has brought with it continual illness. Our run of bad luck began in May with a nasty virus, and has just ended with two cases of whooping cough, and a horrid flu complete with ear infection. To say I am looking forward to a few weeks of peace, quiet and happiness is an understatement!

Despite days and nights of coughing, fever and tears, I have managed to continue creating and building Miss Goodie Two Shoes. I was recently asked by the designers from two of my favourite handmade businesses; Yumminess Textiles and Giovanna to collaborate and create some special donations to a charity auction called Collaborate for a Cause. The amazing Jen from Ainslee Fox Handmade is the brainchild of C4AC, and she has done an outstanding, inspirational job of pulling this auction together. One small idea is now a charity auction featuring over 200 businesses, 114 items and an astounding $14 000 currently raised for some well deserved charities! To say Jen is a superstar is an incredible understatement!

The auction finishes tonight at 8pm EST and I'd love if you could pop over and support the generous work of my beautiful and talented friends. Amongst the gorgeous items on offer, you can find my Miss Goodie Two Shoes here

and here

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