Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The changing of the seasons

It's been a long 2 long months of harvest. We've survived rain, deluges, flooding, storms and bogged headers. After what seemed only days ago to be a season we wouldn't survive, today there was a light at the end of the tunnel. White fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky and paddocks of stubble as far as the eye can see. This bittersweet season of harvest is finally coming to a close. Soon there will be no dust rising from an overworked header, no flash of green tractors speeding past the gate.

Soon we will be on holidays, and this year we will relish every step in the soft white sand, every spray of ocean and every sip of ice cold beer as we say goodbye to a season we hope never to meet again.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grateful for..... a chance to be creative

With harvest dragging on so slowly, we have spent a lot of this week at home, giving hubby lots of moral support and cooking up delicious batches of whoopie pies, cakes and slices. And instead of busy nights sewing custom Miss Goodie Two Shoes, I have had the chance this week to leisurely create some new designs and sew some pretties for my friends. 

Tonight while perusing my fabric stash it occured to me how grateful I am for this chance to relax and recuperate from such an insanely hectic 2011. In sewing I have found my new love, my little niche in life. I get immense joy from crafting and creating for little girls (and big girls alike!). It is with great excitement that I plan the release of Miss Goodie's new collections and new designs.

But for now, I am so very grateful for the chance to sew at whim and for the special little people in my life. To catch my breath and prepare for another incredible year of Miss Goodie Two Shoes.

I hope you too are having a week to be grateful for, I'm playing along with Maxabella Loves. Why don't you pop on over and join in too.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow, where did 2011 disappear to? In a flurry of fabric, ribbon and paper we powered through christmas and into a new year, with barely the blink of an eye! It seems to be the pace of my life lately, full steam and lead foot with nothing inbetween. 2011 was a truly amazing year, and I still pinch myself with the realisation Miss Goodie Two Shoes is loved by so many. I have a journal full of exciting plans for my Miss Goodies in 2012 and can't wait to start creating and sharing again.

In the meantime, January is a month of quiet and relaxation with my poor neglected family! I miss the days spent playing with tractors in the dirt, games of tickle and giggle, cooking delicious cakes and healthy meals and laying on the couch reading books. I miss having a spotlessly clean house and drawers full of folded clothes. I miss all the 'normal' things in life, and for that I have resolved to manage Miss Goodie Two Shoes differently in 2012. 

There will still be plenty of gorgeous girls making their way into excited little arms, but my family, my home and my health will be taking much needed precedence. No more 2am sewing marathons or getting up at 4am because I'm too excited to sleep. I resolve to have sparkling floors and happy kids before I fire up the sewing machine. I will create beautiful girls when I can, not because I have to. I resolve to lead a much more organised life!

I really am looking forward to an amazing 2012, I hope you are too.

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