Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A photo sneak peek

When Oscar was 14 weeks old I had some beautiful portrait photos taken by Fiona Colvin. I loved the photos so much it took me 6 months to decide which ones to enlarge and frame! So it was without any consideration that I booked another appointment with Fiona to have Mathilda photographed at the same age.

I received the much awaited email last night telling me my photo gallery was ready for viewing. I had planned on an early night, but found myself up until well past midnight pouring over the beautiful photos and marvelling over how well she captures precious moments.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the photos from our session.

 And as a trip down memory lane, some of my favourite photos from the session I had with Oscar back in 2008. 



  1. Wonderful pictures Chrissy! Your kids are beautiful xx

  2. I just adore the 3rd photo Chrissy. xx

  3. Oh my gosh they look so similar!

    Gorgeous photos. You look amazing and the kids are too cute.

    Is Ossie turning blonde?


  4. What beautiful photos!! #1 and #3 are my absolute favourites :)

  5. Thank you so much girls, I have to admit I'm pretty chuffed with them xx

  6. Gorgeous photos Chris.

    Where did you have them taken?

  7. Tan, Ossie has always had light coloured hair, similar to when his Dad was little. I'd like to think it will stay that way but I think it will go darker as he gets older. Would it be wrong to get highlights....? Ha ha.

    Kate, the photos were taken in Fiona's studio :)

  8. Gorgeous photos! Your children are adorable!

  9. Written by phunk from http://itinerantbrain.blogspot.com/ on December 18th

    "Absolutely stunning Chrissie! No wonder you have a hard time choosing!"


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