Monday, December 6, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

For the first time in many years, my Christmas tree was aglow with lights and pretty ornaments on the 1st December. I'm normally one to drag it out of the box midday through December, if at all. I'm by no means bah humbug about Christmas, just very disorganised!

My enthusiasm this year can be attributed to two things; Oscar's love of pretty lights and my offer to host Christmas with my husbands family. Normally a daunting task, I'm really looking forward to having everyone here to feast, drink and celebrate Christmas Day. 

This year will be Oscar's third Christmas, and Mathilda's first. They have three young cousins visiting for Christmas, so in all there'll be five little ones under three excitedly unwrapping presents and emptying Santa stockings (or having little big brothers excitedly unwrap presents for them!). I can't wait to watch the joy on their little faces.


  1. Lovely tree Chrissy.

    Does Ossie share Amelie's love of stealing the decos off the tree?

  2. Oh absolutely Kate! Every day Ossie pulls the ornaments off and throws them around the loungeroom and every night I meticulously replace them *sigh*

  3. Beautiful tree. Ours is relegated to the dining room table this year!


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