Monday, December 20, 2010

Growing up

Tonight was Oscar's first night in his 'big boy's bed'. We didn't hold much hope for a peaceful introduction to his new bed as the past two months has seen more tears, tantrums and nights in 'mama's bed' then ever before. You can imagine our speechless suprise then, when Oscar happily hopped into bed and said goodnight, with not a sound to be heard since.....! Perhaps there is merit to the opinion that when a child is ready to grow up, he will.

We've always had sleep issues with Oscar. From a young age he needed feeding, cuddling, rocking and singing to sleep. Often repeatedly. He started sleeping through at the age of 6 months, but it was short lived and he was fighting bedtime and waking during the night only months later. A quick feed and he would be back to sleep, but when I stopped breastfeeding we were left with minimal options. Delirious with sleep deprivation, we started bringing him into bed with us when he woke during the night. 

Gradually, 4am wake ups shortened to 2am wake ups, which shortened even further to refusing to go to bed at all. Often we were too defeated to argue with him, and he would climb exuberantly into bed with us for the night. I never complained though. There is something so precious about having your nose tickled by tufts of whispy hair, and a little body snuggling into yours during the night. In my opinion, children grow up far too quickly. Soon the day will come when Oscar doesn't need the comfort of 'mama's bed', and I'll find myself reminiscing the days spent sandwiched on an inch of mattress while my little monkey lay diagonally, little toes pressing into my ribs. 

I hope we have continued success and I get to enjoy having my side of the bed tonight. If not, well there's now a delightfully comfortable king single bed for Simon to retire to!


  1. Congratulations on your successful introduction of the big bed!

    I hope Ossie continues to sleep well!

  2. Thanks Kate. For the first time in over a month Oscar woke up in his own bed this morning!

  3. Chrissy thats wonderful news!! Go Oscar!! I have everything crossed for you that this success continues :)

  4. I just came across your fab blog.
    I'm looking forward to reading more.
    Big bed now. How exciting.
    With my first child I had BIG sleep issues. Loved when she slept through in her BIG bed. X

  5. Thanx Leesa, we're getting there.... slowly! Welcome Belinda! There must be something about first children because Mathilda is an angel!


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