Friday, December 3, 2010

This farmer found a wife


Growing up, I'd always dreamed of living on a farm. There was something about the wide open spaces, fresh country air and hustle and bustle of farming life that appealed to this city girl. 

I spent a lot of my childhood visiting my aunty's farm. My sisters and I would spend our days knee deep in mud catching yabbies, trapsing through paddocks fossicking for treasures, and feeling the wind in our hair as we set off adventuring on the back of our uncle's ute. I have such wonderful memories of my childhood.

So it's only fitting that in 2007 I married my farmer and later that year we moved to the country. As a stroke of fate, his family farm was only kilometres from where we'd spent those carefree days visiting my aunty. We moved into an old farmhouse and spent the first year renovating, decorating and making the house, and the country, our home.

On the first day of spring in 2008, after one blissful year of marriage, we welcomed our son Oscar Jaxon into the world. He is the love of our lives and everything we could have hoped for and dreamed of. Two treasured years later we were blessed with our little girl Mathilda Ruby. She was born on the 25th August 2010, just one week shy of Oscar's second birthday. Full of smiles and laughter, we can't wait to watch her grow. 

We are now a very content little family of four, plus one cheeky golden retriever called Taylah. We live on 14 000 acres of stunning landscape and wake in the morning to the sound of sheep bleating under our window. How lucky I am to be living my dream, and so begins the story of A Country Wife.


  1. To this day I remember the mud bath we gave ourselves and the horror when covered from head to toe in mud it occured to me we were wallowing in yabby shells and most probably yabby poo!

  2. Ha ha, and to think some people pay a fortune for a mud bath, yabby pooh and all!

  3. yabby poo is worth standing in if you get a big haul of yabbies! My parents have retired and not long bought 10 acres with a dam. I can't wait to take the girls up there and teach them the country skills like yabbying that I experienced when growing up. :)
    Love your blog Chrissy. :)
    Gayle xxoo

  4. Oh absolutely Gayle! There is nothing better then a big batch of grilled yabbies with lashings of homemade seafood sauce. It's been a tradition with our family at Christmas time for as long as I can remember. Sadly the dams on our farm are running pretty low, I really need to start feeding and sorting them so they can breed up nice and big :)

  5. PS so nice to see you here Gayle, thanks for dropping by xx

  6. Do you remember the day I challenged you all to swin across the dam with the promise of staying an extra day at Meg's is you could? I loved a long weekend away from work.

  7. Ha ha Mum, no I don't remember that! But we obviously all made it!


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