Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let the renovations begin!


Funny the difference between first and second children. Amidst the excitement of preparing for Oscar's birth we had his nursery painted, furnished and decorated three months before he was born. We had similar intentions for Mathilda's nursery, but sadly the time flew by and the room remained unpainted, the furniture still on the wishlist and the junkpile still untackled.
As we headed to Perth to countdown the days to her delivery day we thought to ourselves "no problem, we'll paint and decorate as soon as we get home". Fast forward three months and Mathilda is still camped out in our bedroom *sheepish smile*. We say it's because she is such a good sleeper that we barely notice she's there...

With the risk of her still sharing with us when she's eighteen we decided this weekend was the one, declutter and paint or die trying! So on went the painting clothes and out came the paintbrushes. With her room now freshly painted I'm very excited about the next step, shopping for furniture and beautiful things to decorate with.


  1. Chrissy this is an inspiring post.

    Only today I was staring at our unpainted architraves and other spots requiring painting touchups and seriously tossed with the idea of just getting someone else in to do it so it'll actually get done.

    We still need to muster the enthusiasm to do it or convince Ben's Dad to come around and do it for us.

  2. Kate, the thought of paying someone to paint her nursery had crossed my mind! With harvest upon us already I didn't see the painting getting done until next year! Thankfully we had a small shower of rain, just enough to stop harvest and give us a day reprieve. I don't envy your situation, in fact I can sympathise. I have hours of touchups around the house, I wonder if they'll ever get done...


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