Thursday, February 3, 2011

Would you swim with the sharks?

It was a searing 39 degrees in the sun so a trip to the Melbourne Aquarium was the perfect way to end our fabulous holiday in the east. Oscar had such a fabulous day, he couldn't quite decide which part he loved most. For me, it was the Emporer Penguins, they are so beautiful. And the little chicks were so cheeky chasing one another across the slippery snow.




If you haven't already taken a trip to the Aquarium, I suggest you do, its such an enjoyable experience. Did you know that you can swim with the sharks in the huge 2.2 million litre dome aquarium? That's if your nerves can handle it!



  1. Makes our fish bowls look a bit inadequate!! No, i wouldn't swim with sharks, i like to think they can't get me as i have no plans to go where they are. Crocodiles are more scary, damn things can swim & then walk up to you, argh!! I'm not good with enclosed spaces either so my husband has to take the children through aquariums. Love Posie

  2. I think I'll take Amelie this weekend.

    I can't believe I haven't taken her yet. She'll absolutely love it.

    As for swimming with sharks...ummm no thanks!

  3. Our kids love the little aquarium here in Canberra, so I'm sure they would be blown away by the Sydney or Melbourne Aquarium.
    As for swimming with sharks... I grew up on the NSW North Coast and used to be a Surf Life Saver, and with all of the reefs we regularly had sharks come in close to the shore, so technically I've swum with them before. ;) Having them in a controlled environment isn't nearly as scary as having them show up unexpectedly....

  4. Hi I'm your latest follower! I'm a Perth gal living in Melb. I haven't even been to the Aquarium yet so I think I'll have to plan a trip with my two little girls soon! :)

  5. Welcome Jacinta! Thank you for stopping by :) As you can probably tell I'm a huge Melbourne fan so hope that one day we'll be living there too!

    Mel, I have a very healthy respect for sharks but they frighten the life out of me! I'd love to swim with them, but most certainly wouldn't be happy having one show up unannounced! You're a brave woman!

    Posie, I think it would be a close call which is scarier, crocs or sharks ... I'd like to hope I can avoid meeting either in the wild!


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