Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kissing cousins

In the lead up to our holiday in Melbourne, my sister Kate and I talked excitedly about the fun our two little cherubs would have playing together. Their last visit was a short two days, and they spent their time in a whirlwind of dancing, singing, playing chasey and sharing biscuits and sips of juice. They were truly adorable together and played without a single squabble nor a tear. We wondered what two weeks with each other would bring. 
We needn't have worried. Oscar and Amelie greeted one another like old friends. Their giggles of delight resonated throughout the house, and when we saw one, we knew the other wouldn't be far behind. They were inseparable, and like kindred spirits, they knew they were special to one another. There were a few more tears and tantrums this time, but ten times as much love was shared.

I think our babies' relationship is testament to the one we share as sisters. I hope that Oscar and Amelie grow up to be as close friends as we are.


  1. Oh, these photos are SO cute! I think I'm getting instantly clucky. oops!

  2. Gorgeous! I wish my kids had cousins their age - the relationship is just precious!

  3. Aren't they just so gorgeous together. I love the pics.

  4. Chrissy, these moments are to be cherished. So lovely that they are great buddies.


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