Monday, February 14, 2011

A health kick up the butt

When it comes to being overweight there's only so much complaining you can do before you need to get off your butt and do something about it. I've had my time, lazing on the couch eating peppermint chocolate and cheese twisties, whinging about my expanded rear end and flabby arms. I look back, and find it hard to understand how I got here. I used to be incredibly fit, healthy and very active. I would run along the beach in the morning and attend gym classes in the afternoon. I loved cooking fresh, healthy meals and wouldn't dream of filling my trolley with chocolate biscuits and salt and vinegar chips. I rarely ever drank Coke Zero, in fact I never even drank coffee.

So what happened?

My two beautiful little babies is what happened. And I certainly don't say that as if I blame them for being overweight. Nor would I take back a single second of our lives together. I would, however, take back some of the poor dietry decisions I made when I was pregnant, and the excuses I made for regaining an active lifestyle once my babes were born. At the same time I need to be sympathetic to why and how I got here. I was very sick with both my little ones, and survived on a diet of high energy, high calorie foods. Full cream milk was the only thing that stopped the persistant reflux. I was too tired to get out of bed let alone exercise while I was pregnant. And then there were the sugar and salt cravings...

When Oscar was born I attempted to regain an active lifestyle and lose the extra 10 kgs I was carrying. I did manage the odd gym class, and pounded the pavement when I could muster the energy. I tried to cut out all those high calorie foods and introduce more lean protein and vitamin rich salads. But something had changed. I couldn't just go to the gym when I wanted to, nor could I prepare and sit down to enjoy a healthy lunch. Regaining my old lifestyle wasn't as simple as I thought it would be. I started eating on the go and opting for coffee with friends instead of pulling on my gym shoes. This was the life of a new mum, and I was loving every minute of it.

Forward two years and the birth of Mathilda, and I'm facing a slightly steeper uphill battle with the bulge. Again I've tried to shift those extra kilos through diet and exercise, but its been pretty hit and miss. Two babies don't leave a lot of 'me' time, and my eating habits have transformed into a diet of coffee, muesli bars, tiny teddy biscuits and whatever lunch and dinner Oscar refuses to eat. I have the option of either accepting this is life for now and enjoying every minute, or making a concerted effort to change.

So here I am. At the crossroads of being happy with my weight or getting off my butt once and for all and doing something about it. I've decided the latter. With some much appreciated help from hubby I'm going to make more time for healthy eating and exercise, and in the process make a much happier, more confident 'me'. A 'me' that can spend more time laughing and less time complaining. A 'me' that is going to love slipping into her favourite pair of skinny jeans and holding her head high.

I look forward to introducing you to the new 'me' next time we meet.


  1. Good on you Chrissy!! I made the same decision last week so I'm glad I'm not alone in the struggle!

  2. Good luck to you Chrissy.
    I've just returned from my morning walk, never want to get out of bed and do it, but feel so much better when I have.
    Look forward to sharing your journey.

  3. I hear you loud and clear! Those jeans hanging visable in your wardrobe are a good daily reminder.

    I get up when my babes do and leave Scott to look after them while I grab the dog and walk the circuit around our hilly estate which takes about 45mins. I get home, red, sweaty and feeling great! Getting it over and done with first thing makes you more energised and helps me make better food choices through the day.


  4. oh boy did that post resonate with me! Every word could have come out of my mouth! I have to do something about it soon as well me thinks! Good on you for starting. :)

  5. I think every mumma feels that (or most at least) as it is so hard to find time when you have kids. I feel like that and I'm not overweight but I am self conscious about flabby bits that weren't there before kids! Good luck and I hope you'll feel healthier soon. I need to go make myself a good lunch and go for a walk! xo

  6. I could have written this post - it is so where I'm at at the moment too.

    We are in the process of moving house (currently renovating, painting and moving what we can) so that doesn't leave much time for 'exercise' but I tell you my muscles are feeling it after painting ceilings and walls all weekend. I'm looking forward to settling in our new home and setting up a proper exercise regime now that my babies are older (youngest is now 18mths) and able to 'play' by themselves or be easily looked after by others while I steal away that 'me' time.

    I wish you luck with your journey and I will be following and blogging about mine too. :)

  7. Powerful post Chris! Good on you for making time for yourself :)

    Ps I'm drooling over that pic.I almost forgot how good that salad was!

  8. Thank you so much everyone for your understanding and support :) It's heartening to know I'm not the only one among my blogger friends embarking on a lifestyle change. I look forward to sharing the journey with you all, and if ever you need a motivation buddy, drop me a line!

  9. PS Kate, droooool that salad was so divine! I could live off it!

  10. Chrissy I have a post saved unpublished pretty mush the exact same as you... It's a horrible struggle trying to loose the baby weight. I have ALOT to loose but I think its about time we Mummy's made time for ourselves.

    I am on a strict diet and I am going to join up at my local gym this afternoon. I think its important health wise for me to get my butt into gear. I hate being overweight :(


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