Saturday, February 12, 2011

Growing pains

My apologies if this post is peppered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It may not even make a lot of sense, but I'll try my best. You see I'm tired. Oh so very tired. In fact I'm exhausted. For the past week Mathilda has been waking every hour, sometimes if she's kind she'll make it two. A quick feed and she's back to sleep, but that doesn't make my broken sleep any easier to deal with.

I need my sleep. Before babies, I would sleep 12 hours a night, and then on weekends sneak off at midday for a delicious three hour nap. As a teenager I'd sleep all day, sometimes not appearing until 3pm... or later. Without a sufficient number of hours sleep I get very cranky, emotional, irrational, clumsy, forgetful and I lack the saintly patience required for dealing with a very demanding 2 year old.

Previously Mathilda's frequent night wakings have precluded a growth spurt, and thankfully have only lasted a week or two. As Mathilda approaches six months I'm hoping that the introduction of solids will help to combat those late night cravings and allow us all a better night sleep. In the meantime I'm surviving on several cups of strong coffee and a quick snooze on the couch when Ossie has his afternoon nap.

Understanding my love, and now need, of a good coffee, my darling hubby is looking to accessorise our kitchen with one of these. Kudos to my sister Kate, who did a fabulous job of convincing him a good coffee machine is a necessity.

Oh how I would heart a Delonghi Nespresso machine!

I hope you're getting a good nights sleep, and if not let me promise you you're not alone!


  1. I always used to sit up at night thinking "I wonder how many other mums are up tonight"....

    Take good care.

  2. There's nothing worse than sleep deprivation - hope it ends soon and you can catch up on some rest x

  3. I get goose bumps just reading this. The painful memory of 40 min night wakes is etched in my memory forever.

    It is awful!

    Tilly is a very good sleeper normally so here's hoping it is just a little rough patch.

    I heart the coffee machine. Snap! Only today I was comparing prices online.

  4. I attribute my survival through all our children's infancy to our coffee machine... wise decision to invest in one. Rest between cups, won't you... gxo


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