Sunday, February 20, 2011

We're back online!

Apologies for the recent break in transmission, we have been in computer limbo for several weeks now. On Friday we finally received confirmation from the computer technician that our laptop had indeed loaded its last Facebook page, and made its last online purchase, so we excitedly prepared for a spot of computer shopping on the weekend.

We'd already decided our new love would be an iMac, so it was just a matter of making our way to the Apple Store in Perth.

Tonight, I am very chuffed to announce I am now blogging in 27" widescreen!

I am loving everything about my new Mac, I only wish it hadn't taken us this long to give Windows the boot!



  1. The grandparents (my parents) brought the kids there every first laptop on the weekend, it's not an apple but it will be great to for them to play some games and do homework on it. I wanted a Mac, but we wouldn't have been able to network it with our main computer.

  2. once you go mac, you don't go back :)

  3. I am a convert to the religion of Apple. There is no going back now!

  4. Enjoy Chris.

    Plus be sure to pass on any clever tips and shortcuts you find.

    I'm still fumbling my way through on the Mac although it is relatively easy to use.

  5. Looking great! I grew up in a Mac family, but still use my Windows machine - starting to get more and more fed up with it though so we may yet be converted...

  6. I've just gone from a lap top to a 27" imac as well... Dont know how I will ever use anything else now!!

  7. I'm an Apple lover too! Wish I'd found it earlier.

    Kate, shortcuts and hints and tips are to be found on the Mac Forums. Just do a google and you'll find heaps of tips.


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