Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Running man

Week two of building the new 'me' and I'm feeling excited and energised. While my gorgeous hubby is at home feeding and bathing our babes, I have been attending body classes at our local gym. Each afternoon I excitedly anticipate the rush of a racing heart and the bitter sweet burning of muscles. I'd forgotten just how exhilarating an exercise program could be!

While my attempts at exercise previously lacked direction and structure, I'm now spoilt for choice.

Monday = Body Pump 
Tuesday = Body Step
Wednesday = boot camp with a personal trainer
Thursday = Body Attack
Friday = Body Step

As much as I'd love to attend all five classes (yes, I could be a little mad...) I've limited myself to three per week and jogging/ walking every other day. Oh how good it feels to dust off my runners and dig my gym clothes out of storage!

I hope you're having an energetic day too.



  1. Wow! Great job. And fab that your hubby helps out so that you can do this! :)

  2. Urgh! I'm exhausted just reading that!

    I'm no exercise guru but I think you're meant to give yourself downtime between intense exercise. Maybe each week you can mix up the order of classes?

  3. That sounds great Chrissy you'll be feeling fit and healthy in no time. It's good to get some time to focus on yourself too, enjoy.:)

  4. Great work! That is fantastic :)

  5. Thanks girls! It feels so good being active again.

    Kate, you're right about having a lighter day of exercise in between intense workouts. Ideally, I'll do the Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes :)

  6. Hi Chrissy!

    Hope you had a nice Valentines Day, and thank you for your nice comment on my Valentine-post :) It´s extra fun to make decorations like that, when you know (or hope) someone will stop by and praise you for it ;) I am so impressed by your determination, I´m sure you will reach your goals. And I´m sure that its a smart move to write aboute it on the blog, beacause you will look forward to tell us how well things are going, and that will be a bonus and maybe an extra motivation. I´ve owned a rowing-machine for 3-4 years, but never used it.. We moved in to our new house summer 2010, and TODAY we placed the machine in our bedroom after storing it for 7 months.... we´ll see... maybe you´ll inspire me enough to get going! :) I´ll keep you posted!

    Do you have a new portrait of you and your daughter, or is its just me who is a bit confused?? Its a beautiful picture!

    :) Kamilla

  7. Good work. You sound very motivated - you'll be feelling much fitter very soon I'm sure.

  8. Hi Chrissy, you sound very motivated its great! I wish I could take a bit of your motivation and get off my butt more too!!
    I've been going to Body Pump classes lately too and LOVE them! You can definitely "feel the burn" in your legs after all of those squats! lol
    Goodluck and have fun on your fitness kick!
    Ellie x


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