Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Swimming lessons

Part and parcel of living in the country is missing out on the things that people in the city can take for granted. Even the simple things, like swimming lessons. Oscar simply adores the water, and we wholeheartedly encourage his enthusiasm and desire to be a fish. But with open dams situated so close to our home we're increasingly fearful of the fact he has no awareness of water safety. 

You can imagine our excitement then, when our local pool announced that for the first time it was offering baby and toddler swimming lessons. I had considered driving 1 1/2 hours so that Oscar could attend lessons, so I am incredibly grateful that a swimming program was developed locally. 

We've been to three lessons already and Oscar loves them! We're heading to the pool again tomorrow and already Oscar is full of excitement. Next year will be Mathilda's turn, so for now she sits on the sidelines with her Nan and watches her big brother splash, play and sing until his hearts content.

It's wonderful knowing that along with all that fun, my little fish is learning how to keep himself safe.


  1. I did once drive that far for swimming lessons for my eldest boy. You do things in the country you would never consider when living in urban places out of necessity. Have fun at the pool. Bushbellesxo

  2. Your little man looks so cute and happy in this picture!

  3. Oh he looks so cute in the photo! So glad that your lessons are much more accessible now. 1.5 hours is a long way to go!

  4. How gorgeous!

    We're looking into swimming lessons for Miss A too. I think she'd love them.

  5. Love the pic! And yes, I have to say that I do take swimming lessons for granted - although my kids aren't in lessons at the moment because we're busy moving house and don't have free weekends, I'm keen to get them back in as soon as possible - it really is a necessity for their safety, regardless of where you live!

  6. You're so right. There are so many things we take for granted living in the city or suburbs. And hey, we live in Australia, kids have to learn to swim!

  7. How gorgeous. My Miss T just started swimming lessons too.

    PS. Have made mention of you in todays post:

  8. I grew up in the Country and completely identify with what you're saying. So glad to hear you got to do swimming lessons. I came here on "my own two hands" suggestion. So glad I did!


  9. I've just found your blog via Jane at Planet Baby. I love your photos! They're gorgeous. Georgie x


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