Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beating the heat, one tub of water at a time

Despite the seasons telling us its autumn, this extended summer has been relentless. I can't remember the last time we had a day well below 30 degrees. All I can recall for months on end is being hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. My skin is shrivelled and dry, my hair parched and dull.

I'm dreaming of wet wintery days spent snuggled in front of the fire. Layers of beautiful wool fabrics and pretty beanies with flower clips. Steaming mugs of hot chocolate, rich lentil soup and slow cooked chicken casseroles. I cannot wait for the nights I can cuddle under my doona, rather then swelter in front of the fan.
Oh how I love winter!
In the meantime, we are beating the oppressive heat, one tub of water at a time. Thank goodness someone is enjoying themselves!

And in very good news, my camellia plants survived their repotting, and have just started to bloom.

And after an initial hiccup (whoops, too much sheep manure!), our grevillea plants are reshooting and looking really pretty.

Do you share my love of wintery weather? Which season is your favourite?


  1. I like Spring best, Autumn second. I can never cope with extremes (although, in Sydney we don't really get 'extremes' - but I'd rather have warm or cool than hot or cold!).

    Your tub-boy is a little cutie!


  2. Chrissy, I'm with you - I love winter! However, I now live in Central Qld & don't find too many occasions to bust out my winter coats and long boots. Sigh...

  3. I can't wait for Winter so I can cook more in my slow cooker - I love the smells that fill the house. Your little one look very happy in that tub trug! Christie @ Poppy Seed Baby :)

  4. I'm so jealous that you've had a summer! We got it for about a week, and its been in the low 20s since. I do love winter - but only if I'm rugged up all warm! Canberra can get down to -8 in Winter, so we definitely get to break out the winter coats and long boots - sometimes even that isn't enough!

    Love the photos of your little man in the tub - gorgeous!

  5. Your description of all the wintery delights you're waiting for sounds positively perfect to me - I second everything you've written... bring on the cooler weather!! I was always a summer girl and while I enjoy the beach, lately I'm craving cool, overcast, wet weather. What cute photos in the tub splashing about - Grace had fun in hers again today too - such a quick and easy way for them to cool off :)


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