Friday, March 25, 2011

A Country Life

I'm not your average country girl.

I love to wear frilly skirts and pretty tops with contrasting colours and patterns, cute leather ballet flats and flowers in my hair. I have manicured nails, an overflowing cosmetics bag and an aversion to the dirt, dust and heat. I adore Allanah Hill's eclectic style and I have a penchant for lace stockings, fur coats and feathers. I covet the occasion to wear glitter.

That's not to say I don't adore my life on the land. I just do things a little differently. I make cupcakes with candy pink frosting and sprinkles for morning tea. I paint my nails fire engine red and I have a frilly/ flowery/ ruffly headband for every day of the month. My home is filled with vibrant colours, textures and shapes and there is no place for minimalism. In my opinion, I have the best of both worlds.


I was daydreaming yesterday of all the things I love about living on my little pocket of land.

What attracts me most is the wide brown open space; it's beautiful, it's raw, it's reminiscent of a harder life and the settling of Australia. You are confronted by nature at every turn, reminded that we don't own the land, that the land owns us. Nowhere is it more evident that we rely on mother nature. I love living in symbiosis with the environment, surrounded by something so vast, complex, fragile yet resilient. Unforgiving yet nurturing at the same time.

There are no neighbours to seek privacy from, no lights to spoil the vast sky of shining stars. The afternoon 'traffic noise' is of pink and grey galahs socialising in nearby gum trees.

I love it here on the farm, the merging of city girl and country life. Nothing could be more perfect.



  1. You make it sound perfectly fabulous! Love those cupcakes too :O)

  2. Love this post!!
    I so agree.. I'm the quirky graphic designer that doesn't mind dirt and spiders but frogs and slimy things.. Eeeeek!! I'd live to live in the middle of nowhere!!
    I'm loving your blog and photos!!

  3. What style and taste you have. I am a big fan of pretty tops, cupcakes, flowers in my hair and I love glitter!

    I have been dreaming of moving to the country lately. Your beautiful post makes me wish I could pack everything up and move today.

  4. I'm such a city girl, but having married a country boy who is longing to go back to his rural roots makes me think I'll be a country girl soon.
    Your photos are divine and I now want cupcakes.


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