Monday, March 28, 2011

A shout out to all my clever crafty friends

I am very excited about my entrance into the world of sewing and craft. I feel a purpose that's been missing for such a long time. I've had so much fun trawling through online patterns and have finally chosen a delightful little first project.

She's a little Annie doll created by the incredibly talented Sarah from a Bit of Whimsy Dolls. I have my pattern downloaded and my creative mind has been in overdrive all day. The decision now is which sewing machine to buy! I'm a sewing and craft novice, I wouldn't have a clue how to thread a machine dated past 1980, nor would I know if they even use bobbins anymore *blush*? I've done some research and would like to buy a Janome, but as for which model....... oh dear the choices are confuddling! I'm hoping that my beautiful and incredibly talented crafty friends can provide with me with some suggestions?

I'm looking for a relatively simple machine, but one that won't date as my sewing skills (hopefully!) improve.

Can you help?

Would you also like to share your favourite online shop for fabric supplies *pretty please*?

Thanking you in advance from the very bottom of my heart xx


  1. How exciting! I love those dollies. I just began sewing about two years ago with my Grandma's machine - I now have my friend who passed aways machine, about 20 years old too. I have no idea about brand new machines - I am sure someone reading will though.

    xo Rach

  2. Ooh they're gorgeous!!

    I'm not a sewer (but my mum certainly is), but some good designer fabric stores are:

    An easy way to do a search is to type in some designer fabric brands like Amy Butler or Tanya Whelan if that helps. :)

  3. I have a pattern of her's as well which I adore.
    I buy most of my fabric online from Bubbamia fabrics or Oz Material girls...I have also purchased fabric from ebay and craftumi and have been told that fabricworm and hawthornes in the States are great!!
    I have a simple brother machine that I love but now have my eye on an overlocker. I am sure whatever you buy will work for you.

  4. I buy a lot of fabric from Etsy - Fabric Shoppe has some great bundles of coordinated fabric. Red Pepper Quilts has some great fabric shops listed as her sponsors - some Aussie based ones amongst them. The other recommendation is Fabric Shack and Thousands of Bolds (both online). they'll normally stuff at least 6 yards into an international mailing envelope - the current exchange rate works in our favour also. Happy shopping!

    My machine is a non-computerised Bernina - I think it's 1080?. It's the sort they use in high school home ec classes - you just can't kill them! Janome is a good brand too so you'll get good backup support if you need help. Some shops also offer a lesson in how to use all the different functions after you buy it. Another thing to get is a 1/4" foot - this is the one you use if you ever want to try patchwork/quilting - if you buy it with the machine they might throw it in as a special.

  5. Check out for free tutorials online.

    One pretty thing is where I have found some amazing blogs and crafty women. Be prepared for 48 hours of viewing though!

    I buy my fabric from various sellers on etsy. Fabric Shoppee is great. Also try

    I love Heather Bailey, Tania Whelan and Michael Miller for kiddie fabric and gorgeous prints for us Mammas too.

  6. Thank you so much everyone for your lovely replies. I've been in fabric heaven this morning! I'm finding it very hard to decide where to start, I want it all, ha ha.

    Gayle & Tan, Tania Whelan is my favourite fabric designer, she creates the most divine vintage rose patterns. Drooool!

    Sarah, thank you so much for your tips about sewing machines. I'd love to eventually learn how to quilt so I'll be sure to include a 1/4" foot when I finally decide which machine to buy xx


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