Sunday, March 20, 2011

This week I am grateful for.... a blast from the past

Today I donned my flouro pink leg warmers, sprayed a can of hairspray in my hair and painted my eyelids blue. For I was celebrating the return of a true icon of the 1980's.... the SodaStream! 

My sisters and I were lucky enough to have a SodaStream machine when we were kids. I can fondly recall those warm summer nights spent drinking as much icky sickly lemonade as our stomachs could tolerate. And if we were lucky, we could dunk a great big scoop of ice cream into our glasses and make a spider. 

Since discovering the SodaStream was back, hubby and I couldn't resist getting busy with the fizzy all over again. Our machine finally arrived this week and in giddy excitement we tested out all the fancy new flavours. Not a lot has changed, the machine still makes that unmistakable 'farting' noise as it fizzes your water, the livid green creamy soda is still on the menu, and the recommended syrup to water ratio makes a drink strong enough to curl your hair! 

But with just a bit of tweaking to the recommended carbonation and a more modest dash of syrup, I was happily quaffing on a sparkling peach iced tea while hubby enjoyed an ice cold ginger beer. Today, after a long day in the sun, our little SodaStream machine fizzed out the perfect sundowner drinks. We decided that unlike stone wash jeans, this was a welcome return from the 80's!

I hope that you too had a week to be grateful for. I am playing along with Maxabella Loves, come along and join in the fun!



  1. I remember being madly jealous of the kids whose mum had a soda stream! I think I'm going to have to get one now, Chrissy! x

  2. Ahhh fond memories.

    I think I need to buy one for nostalgic reasons :)

    What is your favourite flavour?

  3. We never had one as kids, but my Hubby did! His brother got us one for Christmas and my Hubby lives off it - I can have it in small doses because it is so sweet!

    The livid green Creaming Soda is top of the menu at our place too. :)

  4. You won't regret it Maxabella!

    Kate, we bought creamy soda, peach iced tea, ginger beer, pink grapefruit and cola zero and they're all really tasty. Would you believe the cola zero comes very close to rivalling a can of Coke Zero! Who'd have thought. I didn't realise at first, but most flavours contain natural and artificial sweeteners so the drinks are low cal.

    Mel, I agree the recommended syrup doses are reaaaally strong. I halve the mix for most of mine. I love the soda water taste, with just a hint of flavour :)


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