Monday, January 10, 2011

Backyard blitz

 Despite the atrocious weather over the weekend, we resolved to start and finish a gardening blitz on our backyard. This time last year I must have considered myself a much better gardener than I really am. Despite being notoriously hard to grow, I thought it a wonderful idea to fill my newly dug bed with some beautiful mature camellia's. Three dead and two very sick plants later I've decided that cottage gardening really isn't my forte, and it's time I turned to the much more realistic genre of native gardening.

Time for a trip back to the nursery, where we chose some beautiful grevillea and diosma plants to resurrect our country garden. The surviving camellia's have made their way into wine barrels and I hope for my dignities sake they don't also join their friends in plant heaven!

Did I mention that even my potted daisies succumbed to my 
dismal gardening skills ? We decided strawberries might  
be a little simpler to keep alive..... at least I hope! 

Another task for the weekend was painting our rather unattractive sunshine yellow shed a nice deep grey to match the roofing of our newly erected patio. Our patio is the pride and joy of my husband, and deserved of a blog post all on its own! 

Our shed with its new lease on life, and our newly planted grevilleas 

 Yes, there are some diosma hiding in there somewhere!

Lastly, with our golden retrievers no longer as agile as they used to be, we decided to paint and lower our side fence. How nice it is to now be able to see beyond our backyard and down to where all the hustle and bustle of our farm takes place. Lets just hope Oscar's legs don't grow long enough for him to scale the fence anytime soon! I have enough trouble keeping an eye on him as it is!

There's such a feeling of satisfaction that comes from finishing a big job. We couldn't possibly have done it all without our little helper though, whose job was to quality control every single sprinkler his dada installed and keep the water up on our newly established plants. Bless his little blue boots!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, I am so glad you did because now I have discovered yours.

    This year we also finally decided to do something about our garden too. I seem to have a black thumb and kill every plant. But we planted some grevilleas too and they are still alive ☼

  2. Fingers crossed for your new plants survival he he. The new plants look lovely and heathly and the Camilla doesn't look too bad at all. Have faith in yourself x

  3. wow - great job!! I'm a bit hit and miss with plants as well!

  4. Great to hear Kelly! Fingers crossed my grevilleas will stay happy and healthy too.

    Ha ha Tan, lacking a bit of faith in myself but very proud of our new garden.

    So far so good, now just need to decide what else to plant out the front with our diosmas :) And our next big project is a winter garden bed. Yay, love fresh peas and broccoli!

  5. Oh Chrissy, I am much the same to you. I can not count how many camillias I have replaced over the years, I don't think I want to think about that number either - nor the price tag attached.

    Good luck with your strawberries, I never seem to get fruit from mine - possibly due to my adhock watering technique.

  6. Hmmmm yes April, I won't mention the $50 price tag for the mature camellias I insisted to hubby that we buy, instead of the seedlings *blush*

    Fingers crossed my strawberries fruit, there's nothing better then homegrown food :)


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