Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flood Appeal Auction

Like so many of you, I'm struggling to come to grips with the devastation caused by floods across Queensland. I shed a tear this afternoon at the irony of watering my new garden and quenching its thirst after a scorching hot day in the sun. As we played under the sprinklers I couldn't help but think of the poor children who were threatened by walls of water and torrential rain. Of the people of QLD as they struggle to come to grips with the devastating aftermath of mother nature at her worst. I've never faced a natural disaster, but have always felt so helpless when heart wrenching details of floods and fires around the world are played out on the nightly news.

When the the Black Saturday fires ravaged parts of Victoria in 2008, I donated as many blankets, clothes and personal items as I could. It goes without question that I will do the same for the people of QLD. It just never seems enough though, and as the hearts of so many Australian people open, I am always looking for ways to do more. 

It was tonight on facebook that I found the appeal I was looking for. Handmade Kids and Ruby & the Dodo Flood Appeal is aiming to raise funds for the 2011 QLD Flood Appeal by auctioning off generously donated handmade items from small businesses across Australia. 100% of proceeds will go to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal. Another similar facebook based appeal is the Summerblossom Flood Relief Charity Auction. I already have a long list of beautiful items I'll be bidding on!

So if you too are looking for ways to help, please visit these flood appeal pages. Not only will you have the chance to take home a beautiful handmade gift, you'll be helping to ease the pain of victims and their families.

And while on the subject of handmade gifts, please pop over and see my post about paying it forward. I'd love for you to take home one of the two remaining gifts I have on offer xx


  1. What a great way to raise money. I'll go and check it out.

    I too am really struggling with sadness over the whole devastating situation.

    I've donated money but right now that doesn't really help the plight of all those that are suffering :(

  2. Good on you Chrissy.
    If there is ever a silver lining to these tragedies it's seeing how Australians always pull together to help each other in a crisis.
    I'm heading over for a look at the 'Handmade Kids & Ruby & the Dodo' page.

  3. Marevellous, thank you girls :) Kate, I know exactly what you mean, its hard wanting to help but being so far away. And thank you for reminding me to donate some money to our furry friends, they often get forgotten as we try and come to terms with the human devastation.



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