Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hoot hoot

I am an owlover. I adore them; their quiet hoot and their big brown eyes.

I came across an adorable blog last night. My Owl Barn features everything an owl lover needs to satisfy their love of feathered friends.

Etsy (of course) is my other treasure trove for owl inspired softies, wall decorations and paper products. I have chosen these delightful friends to decorate Mathilda's new room.


wall art by ModernDecals

owl clock by decoylab

 little felt owl by Katia from Plushka Craft
 And these adorable wall prints for Oscar's room

Oh decorating, how I love thee!


  1. Gorgeous!

    I love owls too.

    I found a cute owl shaped punch the other day. I'll have to track it down for the both of us :)

  2. Oh how cute Kate! I really want to get the owl bookends and photo frames from Freedom as well :)

  3. Thank you for including my felt owl in your etsy favourites!

    I love the wall art with the little owls on a tree! I would have it in my bedroom if I could:)

  4. I like your new blog look.

    Very pretty :)

  5. Oh yay, thank you! Would you believe I stayed up until 2.30am the other night teaching myself HTML code and editing the template!

  6. My pleasure Katia! Your little owls are so adorable!

  7. I love owls too! Brenda at http://itsallrelative-brenda.blogspot.com/ makes them too - they're gorgeous :)


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