Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The night owl

I'm yawning, I have bags under my eyes, I'm onto my second coffee and I should have been in bed hours ago. So why am I still awake? 

I'm a night owl.

Despite needing every ounce of sleep I can get at the moment, I just can't seem to get to bed earlier then 11pm. And that's an early night! Before babies, my late nights were simply about not being able to sleep. Now they're about savouring as much 'me' time as I can before a new day dawns. 

There is also something incredibly delicious about sitting alone in a house so quiet you can hear the crickets chirping, the fridge whirring and the ringing in your ears. I love being able to blog without interruption, shop for gorgeous new delights, and the past few nights I've been giddy with enjoyment as I sew together my little creations.

Sure I might be a darn sight more tired during the day, but I'm a lot happier. And for me, its the little things that make a whole lot of difference!

I hope you're enjoying some time alone tonight, and if you've already retired to your comfy pillow, sweet dreams xx

Isn't the little owl pic cute? I found it at We Heart It


  1. I was up at this time last night too .... with a little baby and awake at 5.30 with a little baby.... arrgggghhh

  2. Love the coffee owl - very clever!!

  3. That owl is too cute!!
    I often find myself staying up late for the same reason although I much prefer to rise at 5am before the rest of the house is awake :)

  4. I love that owl... love it! I can imagine how wonderful it would be to stay up, alone and in the quiet... enjoy! gxo

  5. Nope can't say I've experienced this in recent times.

    I'm too tired to stay up past 9pm!

    Glad you're enjoying some peace and quiet and uninterupted blogging time :)

  6. Oh me too, me too! My children and hubby are morning people, I need a few cups of coffee in the morning to get me going, but the night? That is when I'm in my element, the sound of silence oh how I crave it!
    Oh and that owl is gorgeous!


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