Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jumping in muddy puddles

One of Oscar's favourite cartoon characters is Peppa Pig. She's a cheeky little pig who loves jumping in muddy puddles with her brother George. She has become quite a phenomenon in our household, and Oscar delights in quoting his favourite lines:

"Eeeeeeek too SCAAA-RY!"

"DIIII-NOSAUR, roooooar!"

On a recent sweltering autumn day, we were delighted by an afternoon sun shower. The rain fell in big fat drops and smelt delightful. It was such a welcome relief to the persistent 30 + degree days we've been having for more then five months. 

The first thing Oscar did was pull on his gumboots, and declare "Time to jump in muddy puddles!"

"Oh where's the rain gone?"

Today we enjoyed another day of autumn rain, and this time the cool weather came with it. I have my fingers crossed those 30 degrees are finally behind us.



  1. What delightful have captured your son wonderfully.
    I don't know why rain is so magical but my children love to play and dance in it too.
    Yesterday's rain seems to have brought with it cooler temps which I am relishing at the moment :)

  2. Oliver has just discovered peppa pig too.

  3. That is a poor excuse for a muddy puddle!

    Glad Ossie made the most of it :)

  4. I can't help but let my kids get stuck into a puddle! There's something so childhood defining about stomping in puddles, don't you think? Love Peppa (although doesn't her voice grate after a while?)

  5. So cute.
    We love Peppa Pig here too.
    MY boys love muddy puddles and we have lots of mud at the farm when it rains surrounded by red dirt.

  6. Isn't the cooler weather and the rain bliss!? So glad the days over 30 appear to have ended. Grace's favourite thing on TV is Peppa Pig - she is a HUGE fan too like Oscar and has a few DVD's as she loves it so much. She's always babbling on about Peppa and George. I told her the other day that I'll get her some boots soon so she can jump in puddles like Peppa. Love the pictures of your little cutie having fun in the puddles :)

  7. Oh Aunty Kate you're a meanie! We make the most of what puddles we can get here in the west!

    Amanda, we have the Peppa Pig DVD collection too, I'm certain I can quote the episodes word for word! I bought Ossie some new gumboots last week, fingers crossed we get enough rain this year to put them to good use, there's plenty of reallly muddy puddles down at the sheds when we have a good shower :)

  8. Brilliant photos, his face is just lit up with excitement!
    I'm a little excited by the rain; it's been so long without it. I'm even wearing a jumper tonight!


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