Friday, June 3, 2011

A Country Wife returns... with her Miss Goodie Two Shoes

My poor neglected little blog. Ever since the creation of Miss Goodie Two Shoes I haven't had a chance to relax with a cuppa and visit my friends in blogland. Now when I jump on to the computer it's to update my business page, answer queries and a long list of emails, and catch up with the goings on of all my fellow businesses. I am loving every minute of my new life and feel so blessed that I am creating treasured friends for little girls and boys.

I do miss blogging though. After all it was the gorgeous girls amongst us who inspired me to channel my creative side. I made an early decision not to post about Miss Goodie Two Shoes as I wanted to stay true to the reasons for developing A Country Wife. But sadly that has meant a complete lull in blogging! I've done some reflecting and have decided my blog should embrace this new chapter of my life, and share the excitement with you all.

Here we have the latest of my precious girls

Looking forward to catching up with you all again! xxxx


  1. Hi Chrissy..I am pleased that you have decided to share this part of your life with us too! Have a lovely week.

  2. Your Little Miss Goodies look so adorable lined up together.

  3. I love hearing all about Miss Goodie Two Shoes... so please share! I thought of you last night Chrissy... I was all dressed up adorned with fur, feathers, lace stockings & sporting some gorgeous red nails. We had a Ladies Roaring 20's night as a fundraiser for our local school, lots of fun!!

  4. Chrissy they all look so lovely! And am I right when I read you are booked out till next year?? boooo I want to get a doll each for my girls lol.... You need more hands and more hours lol

    You are doing sooo well!!


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