Monday, February 20, 2012

Miss Goodie Two Shoes custom orders

A memo to my regular A Country Wife readers; I apologise for this shameless interlude in transmission. It seems that lately my life is no longer that of a country wife, but more of a miss goodie with two shoes. Well the creator of, and many. I have spent many months repeating the following words in my head, over and over, in a thousand different formats. Trying to grapple with my rapidly changing business and the long list of orders that never seem to shorten. I have been avoiding the document shortcut on my lovely big iMac screen, the one that says "custom orders 2011", for I know it is already 2012 and the list has barely halved. Alas, there is only so long you can think about how to tackle things, you need to just do it.

So here it is, all done.

To my dear, wonderful, patient and utterly amazing custom Miss Goodie Two Shoers;

2011 was an incredible year for Miss Goodie Two Shoes, but also an incredibly steep learning curve. I entered the business world with my heart on my sleeve, my head in the clouds and my arms open wide. My business plan was to create beautiful dolls and make our little ones grin with happiness. Unfortunately whimsical dreams rarely translate to reality on paper. There are never enough hours in a day, nor days in a week to create the handmade items needed to meet growing expectations. In my effort to fill each household with its own unique beauty and laughter, I opened a generous waiting list for custom Miss Goodies. Precious girls made from antique lace, felt shoes with ballerina ribbons and layers upon layers of ruffles. In my little wonderland I promised I’d complete them all in 9 months. Little did I know that a single custom Miss Goodie would take me two - four weeks to complete from planning stage to posting. In my ill-prepared plan on pretty pink paper I had circled 2 - 4 day turnarounds in glittery coloured pen. I figured if the dream was beautiful then reality would surely follow suit?

My disappointment is that a year on from opening my arms to over fifty lovely custom homes, I'm only half way through my custom list. There were months when I tried my darnedest to create as many Miss Goodies as was humanly possible so I could feel the load lighten on my weary shoulders. Those months only served to crush my creativity and tear me away from my family. Days became night and nights became day, I ate cereal at 2am and drank strong coffee at 6pm. I lived on barely 4 hours sleep a night and could only converse in a language of fabric, lace and thread. It wasn’t long before I realised that my hobby business had spiraled beyond my control and I ne
eded to put away the glitter pens, file away the pretty pink paper and take my head out of the clouds.

2012 marks the birth of a more realistic, much better organised me. Still a little crazy in love with pink glitter and whimsical dreams, but without the Miss Goodie creations keeping me up until 3am sewing. I still want to fill your households with pretty girls, perfect for tea parties and sharing ice cream with sprinkles, but I can only conquer my dream one day at a time. I will be keeping my custom list published until each and every one of my gorgeous, patient and loyal custom homes have welcomed their precious Miss Goodie Two Shoes, but I am no longer able to guarantee a timeline for completion. If I were a famous artist I could quote something silly about never hurrying a masterpiece. Instead I’ll explain how much love and fulfillment I receive from making Miss Goodies for your little girls; how I like to spend 2 hours deliberating over that final accessory to ensure it’s in just the right place, or how I will sew the same skirt four different ways to ensure it fits like a glove. And how sometimes I just admire your Miss Goodie for a few days before I’m happy that her ballerina ribbons are sufficiently pressed and perfectly tied. I’m a perfectionist after all, and a little crazy obsessive about the pretty things in life.

So where does this leave us? For now, with a small but manageable custom list of lovingly created and impeccably dressed Miss Goodies. I aim to complete one - two customs a month, but as with anything in life even that isn't a given. You are welcome at any time to opt for VIP access to an upcoming market night if you need to ensure your Miss arrives in time for an important occasion. Miss Goodies do loathe being unfashionably late. VIP access enables you to choose exclusively from a Miss Goodie collection before they are released for sale. But as with my custom list, VIP passes are subject to a waiting period as only two passes will be awarded each market night.

At this point I should reiterate that I am not taking any new customs, and that any previous "expressions of interest" for a custom Miss Goodie have been sadly cancelled. 2012 is the year that I focus on market nights and celebration sales, so that I can create as my heart desires and have Miss Goodies available to each and every one of you. For it is with the warmest heart that I say thank you; thank you for your love, support and generosity, thank you for your patience, understanding and thank you for your all-round wonderfullness xx

Customs February - December 2012

Janelle Curry

Stacie Sinclair
Janet Lovett
Dafina Rexha
Lorissa Sharpe
Tina Murray
Jess O'Halloran
Deborah Tomalin
Tina Gibb
Tammy Hughes
Lynda McIntyre
Terri Foote
Rachael Rew
Simone Nuroo
Vicki Jackman 

VIP access to Miss Goodie market night 2012

Rachel Platt
April Ure
Sultan Seyis

Nicole Duvet
Crystal Bard
Bianca Webb
Katie Bashford
Samantha Tio
Amanda Warren
Jane Syme
Maddie Hinwood

Customs January - December 2013

Roz Borg
Cathy Atta
Joanne Powell
Kerrie Brooking

Monika Burnside
Emma Woods
Marlena Alesci-Favaloro
Jo Schofield
Monique Edginton
Jesamine Sargent

Kristy Mansfield
Jen Kennedy
Jade Kennett
Slavica Ciffolilli
Kylie Abu Jaffar

The full custom list can be found here under the notes section on my facebook page. You will note a few extra names on my custom list above as they are winners of custom Miss Goodies through charity auction in 2011.


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