Thursday, September 8, 2011

I heart the handmade community: episode II

When I created Miss Goodie Two Shoes, I anticipated I would meet some gorgeous and talented girls across Australia and develop a network of 'business' friends. I was so excited about becoming a part of the handmade community. What I didn't anticipate was developing some very close and valuable personal friendships. Friendships with girls who have enormous hearts, amazing talent and inspiring lives.

I have previously blogged about some of these beautiful girls and the delightful businesses they have created. It's high time I shared with you a handful more. 

In the first spot is a very special girl who takes the hard work out of shopping handmade. My gorgeous friend Kristi from LivvysLoves stocks a stunning range of handmade goodies, enabling you to shop till your hearts content all in the one place. At LivvysLoves you can buy beautiful handmade clothing, dolls and everything in between!

The second lovely lady I'd like to introduce you to is Monique from Willow Mae. She makes the most beautiful dresses, skirts, ruffles (just the mere mention of ruffles sets my heart aflutter!) and accessories. Monique and I are currently working on something very special for Miss Goodie Two Shoes fans, and I have to tell you I am very very excited to be creating with someone so talented!

A final mention for the week is my beautiful friend Kristie from BOO! Designs. She makes absolutely stunning, fantastically unique clothing for little girls. The attention to detail in Kristie's clothing is exceptional, and as a testament to her talent, her fan base is booming! You must take a peek at her recent collection of spooky outfits especially for Halloween.  

I have so many more businesses I'd like to mention, so I'll be back again next week with another sneak peek of some handmade beauties and the gorgeous girls I'm so lucky to now call my friends xxx


  1. I think it is amazing that you can all design and make specialised items by hand, it's such an enviable talent to have! I'll be bookmarking these sites, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello there! I am new to your blog. I find it incredible that in Australia spring is just beginning, while here in America summer is ending and we are into the fall season. I am learning to make things myself for my daughter and husband, recently learning how to sew as well. I love seeing everyone's creative side. =]


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