Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oscar's Law

There are times in your life when you see and hear something that affects you so profoundly you can't breath. You carry a knot in your throat and a feeling of sickness in your stomach. You cannot escape the overwhelming feeling of sadness, hopelessness and rage.

I saw and heard that something this morning, and I am still haunted by the images and sounds. If you don't have the strength to watch this video, I don't blame you. I'm not entirely certain why I chose to watch it myself. I normally shy away from ANY depiction of animal cruelty because I quite simply do not cope. Animals are like children, they are loyal, kind hearted and innocent. I passionately believe that ownership of an animal is an honour, not a basic right. I was raised to believe that animals are an integral and important part of a family. They deserve love, respect and protection; protection from people who harm and more importantly, protection from people who exploit. Sadly, the laws and regulations developed to protect companion animals in Australia are grossly inadequate.

As much as I am regretful for watching this horrifying video, I am heartened to learn there is a campaign attempting to abolish the factory breeding of dogs.
 Oscar's Law is a very simple campaign: it enables everyone to make a stand and tell the Government that "we do not want companion animals factory farmed anymore” and "we no longer want the pet industry to mislead us about what is acceptable for our animals”.

Oscar's Law aims to abolish the factory farming of dogs, ban the sale of animals from pet shops and online, and insist the Government run a proper campaign on responsible animal care. What I think is most important to distinguish between, is the breeding of dogs and the farming of them. It is downright unethical to treat dogs as a commodity rather then a treasured friend.

I wholeheartedly support the abolishment of pet shops. I have seen firsthand the consequence of irresponsible and callous breeding for the pet shop trade; seriously malformed dogs that have resulted from generations of inbreeding. Its frightening to now realise the environment these poor animals were bred in. If there is just one message taken home from this post, I hope it is how powerful we can be in abolishing the ill-treatment of these poor animals. Next time you, or someone you know, are looking for a new member of your family please consider adoption from a shelter. Take a stand against the farming of companion animals.

Please join me in rallying for Oscar's Law.

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  1. breaks my heart to watch that clip - the poor puppies xo


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